If you are an Engineer, there are some unique abilities the profession brings to Mythic+, outside of being able to use the Arcane Power Conduit (aka Engineering Orb) in Court of Stars.  And best of all, they don’t even require you to be max level to use them.

Frag Belt

This is an AOE stun in a 3y range on a one minute CD that does not share a cooldown with any other stuns or interrupts.  You “throw” the frag allowing you to place it in the mobs, even as a range.

Flexweave Underlay (aka Parachute Cloak)

Using gives you a parachute for 30 seconds.  Useful for elevator boss failures.

Cobalt Frag Bomb

This was just nerfed and can no longer be used 🙁  Leaving it listed so people know it was hotfixed.


Reusable repair bot on a 1 hr CD, although these have become less necessary with Auto-Hammers.

Upcoming in BFA

Engineering looks to be even more OP in BFA with the addition of different types of bombs, such as freeze, sleep, slow, stun and poison.  There are also additional belt enchants  including a frost slow, fire damage and fear.

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