Some classes are definitely squishier on higher keys and some of the mechanics that are survivable are suddenly a one shot mechanic, or while the player might be able to survive one, if they get hit with another, here’s to hoping there is a brez available.

So for those that are squishier, outside of class survivability options, what else can players to do survive those hits?


The number one option, Prydaz is useful and often mandatory in high keys.


Avoidance gear is really strong.  Avoidance cap is 20% or 2200 points.  This works out to 4-5 avoidance pieces needed, depending on which slot.  Even a lower ilvl piece (such as swapping out a 960 with a 940 with avoidance) is worth equipping in these cases.  You will compensate by the fact you survive.

If you are having problems getting avoidance, a nice source of 1000 avoidance is the two piece ring set that drops from Seat of the Triumvirate.  The set bonus of 1000 is the same regardless of ilvl.

Versatility Gear

Versatility also reduces damage taken, so see if you can swap out some gear for versatility gear instead.

Versatility Food

Sugar-Crusted Fish Feast is the best food for mythic plus right now which grants versatility and only takes a second to eat. You only need 150 cooking to learn this recipe, which costs 25 Darkmoon Daggermaw.  Each feast needs 5 Darkmoon Daggermaw to make.

The downside is that the fish tends to be pretty expensive, especially since you can only farm it for a week every 4 weeks.  It is generally quickest just to pick a favorite spot on the island and start fishing.  They can be caught with level 1 fishing, but it seems the higher the level, the more Bloated Threshers you get.  Around 425 fishing skill level, you stop catching vendor trash.  You can run around and fish the salvage pools, but with the competition from other fishers, it is quicker to single cast fish outside pools.

Note: the single serving versatility food, Lemon Herb Filet, cannot be used in Mythic Plus, outside of eating before the key is inserted.

Stamina Flasks

Stamina Flasks (Flask of Ten Thousand Scars) can also help boost your survivability, adding 1950 stamina.  Stamina flasks are usually the cheapest ones in the AH, but if you have plenty of bloods, you can buy the mats and have an alchemist make it for you.

Stam flasks will also make Prydaz shields stronger.


Using a Potion of Prolonged Power as a prepot will give you extra health, while not sacrificing too much in dps or hps.  You can save the second pot for when you need to survive your first mechanic you do not have a personal for, which will help you survive for the next minute.


There are some great trinket options, but depending on your class, you will need to hope that someone else gets them and can trade.

Ishkar’s Felshield Emitter (Antoran High Command in Antorus) – looks similar to Hunter Turtle which gives a shield on a short 1 min CD.

Eye of Shatug (Felhounds in Antorus) – trinket with passive stamina and versatility.

Smoldering Titanguard (Aggramar in Antorus) – huge absorb on a 2min CD, but you can’t move or use any abilities for 4 seconds.

Deceiver’s Grand Design (Kil’Jaden in TOS) – absorb shield with passive healing

Reliquary of the Damned (Desolate Host in TOS) – prevents 50% damage for 10 seconds on 2m30s cd.

Royal Dagger Haft (Chronomatic Anomly in NH) – absorbs damage on proc, but take the damage over time.


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