Trash to Hymdall


You can kite and slow (Warlock ring, slow totems, etc) to prevent them from casting.


For storm callouts, people refer to the section closest to the entrance as “bottom”, and the one at the other end as “top” with middle being “middle”.

The boss has alcoves on either side of each section, after a section is safe (ie the storm has just been through there), you can use those alcoves so you do not need to dodge tornadoes.

Range should try and bait the dancing blades to an edge or the wall.

Hallway trash

Penetrating shot can be LOS.


You can kite and slow (Warlock ring, slow totems, etc) to prevent them from casting.

Trash to Hyrja

The pack at the top of the stairs does not count for percent, but some groups kill it to avoid accidentally aggroing it during the boss fight.


Prydaz and avoidance gear is your friend here.  Same with any damage reduction or absorption trinkets.  Many dps/healers wear tank trinkets on this fight.

When everyone gets in the bubble shield, everyone should stack up on an edge to allow anyone who gets targeted with expel light the ability to take the damage while under the shield.

Spread for Arcing Bolt as it jumps to nearby players.


Players can immunity Scent of Blood.  Very helpful on higher keys if the immunity player runs into melee first, so the melee can keep attacking easily.

If mages are the furthest out, they can cast invis when Ravenous Leap is going out, and he will stop the entire leap.

If anyone gets into combat while on the way to the portal, they will not be able to take the portal.

Trash to Skovold

You can throw beer on the four mobs in the middle of the room to distract them so you don’t need to kill them.

Pull the last mobs up the ramp.  You are silenced when you run up, but it is so you can start the RP for the four minibosses before Skovold.

4 Kings Minibosses

If you grab one of the beers from the hallway (the same beer you throw on the guys in the middle), you can take it up to the 4 kings.  Throw the beer onto one of the kings, then activate a second king, dragging it over to the king you tossed the beer on, then you can activate the beer king too.  This means you can do two sets of two kings, rather than the first two solo then the set of two, which can save a lot of time.

You don’t need to kite the minibosses if you are using stuns and slows on the adds that spawn.


Felblaze Rush can be LOS.  You can also use movement CDs like Blink to avoid.  Avoid standing close to other players when Felblaze Rush goes out, as it will hit the target and those within 10y.


If you did not use hero on Skovold, save hero for when the group is empowered.