Tracking Party CDs

Tehr’s RaidCDs etc

This is the most popular CD tracker, officially called Tehr’s RaidCDs, ExternalCDs, UtilityCDs, ImmunityCDs, AoECCs, RezCDs, & Interrupts.  It is kept regularly updated, so be sure to check for updated versions.  It can be downloaded from

I also made a change so it only displays when I zone into a Mythic Dungeon, as it can get unwieldly in raid without some major customization to it.

Exorsus Raid Tools / ERT

This tool has numerous functionalities including group notes, raid/party inspector, CD tracker and about a million other things.  Download here.

Useful Weak Auras

Avalanche – Neltharion’s Lair

Tells you when to move for Avalanche. link

Cosmic Scythe – Maw of Souls

Tells you when Cosmic Scythe is being cast. link.

Explosive Orbs

Help for explosive orbs on explosives week. link.

Effective Health

Tells you how much physical and mythical damage you can take, helpful when you need to determine whether a personal or raid cd is required. link.


Questionably Epic

More detailed than the Wowhead guides, including notes on what is interuptable etc, with trash percentages and the common paths through the dungeons.  Here.

More Resources

Just in case anyone hasn’t heard of it, you can find it here. Addon

Check the score of anyone by mousing over their name or character.  Download here.