Trash to Rokmora

The tank can use skystep potion at the start to quickly gather up the adds to AOE down.  If you have a holy pally, you can use BoP on the tank while everyone catches up.

Have someone jump down early to start the boss RP.  You don’t have to kill the mobs on the bridge before the group jumps down.

In the water you jump into are Razorfish.  They are tagged Humanoid so an Outlaw Rogue can Bribe them and use the fish as a minion for extra damage.  The CD is ridiculously long (30 minutes) and the Bribe lasts for 5 minutes, so they cannot be re-bribed when it expires.


Tanking Rokmora on the skull marker below makes it easier to pick up the adds, as well as for range to be able to see and target them.  Tanking Rokmora where he spawns means sometimes the adds are far behind him and not as easily seen.

Trash to Ularogg

You must dodge Avalanche, where rocks drop from the sky in a 20y circle.  There are a ton of weak auras available to avoid it.  Avalanche is actually a cone ability from one of the mobs, Mightstone Breaker.  So you only need to deal with Avalanche when a Breaker is in combat.

Gather up and kite adds that toss rocks (ie Shapers, Pelters, etc).  As long as they are being kited and not standing still, the adds that throw rocks will not cast.  Tank just needs to aggro and kite, with the tank being ~30y+ away from the mobs.  Warlock slow ring, slow totems, etc all help so the group doesn’t need to move as much to DPS.  You can also use a warlock gateway to help your tank GTFO.

You can outrange the Rockbound Pelters, but be aware this may cause those in melee to die, especially if most of the group is outranging the attack, since the Pelters will only throw rocks on those in range.

Rockbound Pelters will only jump after they have been attacked by melee.  Range attacks won’t engage the mob to cast its jump ability.

Ularogg Cragshaper

The taunt bugs that would cause Ularogg to skip the underground phase has been fixed.

Sunder can be spell reflected.

You can use one of the adds by the cave for Sephuz procs.

Keep moving to avoid Falling Debris while the boss is underground.

Ularogg goes underground ~40 seconds after the fight starts, so if you hero this boss, you are best to do it after he comes up from the first underground phase.

Trash to Naraxas

You can stun or interrupt the grub if you haven’t killed it when it starts to transform.

The Basilisks are a great source of percent.


If your DPS and/or healer drop the puddles too close to the boss, tanks can use speed movement to move further.  Priests can also grip the tank.

Adds can be CCd while they are still above.

Trash to Dargrul

When doing scorpions, you can stack under the scorpion’s tail to reduce damage.

The Scorpion right before you jump down to boss area can be Incap by Monk who then drops a Ring of Peace slightly to the Scorpion’s left side, which will bounce the Incap’d Scorpion to the right.  Players can then run around the Scorpion instead of killing it.

Dargrul the Underking

Molten Crash can be spell reflected.