Trash to Tirathon

You can skip the pack at the second step landing by jumping up over the ledge on the left side only.

Tirathon Saltheril

Ranged pets will often be targeted for the first hatred (ie. Shaman and Warlock pets).

Trash to Inquisitor Tormentorum

Make sure someone grabs imps on other side from Imp Mother for easy percent.

If you wipe to this boss, it is very likely you will face the same order and set of adds.  They seem to have some kind of internal cd on the order of adds which is fairly long.

Avalanche potion the elevator depending on timing.

Inquisitor Tormentorum

While LOS is the popular stat, it can be much quicker to go out and attack depending on your group comp.

Battle Shout cast by adds (Deranged Mindflayer, Faceless Voidcaster) can be stolen by Mages using Spell Steal, granting melee DPS increased attack power.

Use your least important spell to clear Sapped Soul.  For some, this might mean popping something on your bars that you don’t have a keybind for.  Note: You can not use a Hearthstone card to clear it.

Note: Using the Alchemy room to prevent adds is no longer possible.


Classes with immunities can clear lava patches.

Be careful you aren’t too close to the edge, especially as lava patches fill the room, as Pyroclast can knock players off the platform.


Players who have trouble dodging can stand underneath Glazer to avoid getting hit, but watch timer for Lingering Gaze, as it is deadly if you don’t move out fast enough.  Coordination with your tank on when he moves and what direction will prevent any accidental pulses.

If you hero after first beams phase, the Beamed debuff on boss means he takes 100% extra damage for 15 seconds.

Be aware of the constant AOE during the beams phase.

Trash to Cordana

You can skip the miniboss Grimhorn by using Rogue Shroud of Concealment.

Cordana Felsong

Cordana has quite a long RP.  The door will open (there is a delay while the door unlocks, but it will open sooner than the visual shows the door as open) after the Spirit of Vengeance is killed, so prioritize that add over the Aranasi Broodmother.  You can send one player to start the RP, it triggers at the bottom of the stairs to the boss platform – when you hear Cordana say “How utterly predictable…” that is the sign the RP has started.

You are immune to the glaives if you are less than 20y from the boss when they are sent out.

Stunning or disorienting the Avatar of Vengeance will remove Vengeance (the debuff that means Cordana takes 99% less damage), meaning you can cleave the add down while Cordana takes full damage.

Try not to go through the gap in Creeping Shadows until you see where the next gap is, as you sometimes will have to double back to make it through.  Demon Hunters can also use Spectral Sight.

Pulling the boss will instantly start winds on the bridge, so make sure entire group is on platform before pulling.